BELTON® is a leading manufacturer of premium Quality BAC Brake Drum for most Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles such as Trailer, 4WD, Buses, Heavy Duty Trucks and etc in Asia. The brake drum manufacturing plant is located in Malaysia and is fully equipped with the most advanced "state-of-the-art" manufacturing facilities.   The machinery is capable to produce brake drums that are dimensionally precise with perfect superficial finishing on the brake lining surface where other manufacturers may not be able to offer. This surface feature will prolong the life of brake linings and improved braking performance.



To manufacture reliable and durable Brake Drums that are safe is our utmost concern and BELTON® believes that the most appropriate testing equipment are required in governing the consistency of the products quality. Its well quipped QA laboratory is fitted with advanced testing equipment such as:-


  • Computerized Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to ensure all the brake drum have precise profile for the best performance.
  • Roughness Tester to monitor the Superficial Finishing to enhance braking performance.
  • Charpy Impact Tester to reaffirm the material's quality and mechanical properties, etc.





As a result, BELTON® has successfully gained its global reputation to be a leading manufacturer of premium quality brake drums for most commercial vehicles.


BELTON® commitment towards the manufacture of premium quality products and the provision of excellent service has led to the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015 by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) since year 2001.





 Product Range
 Max. outer dia.  510mm (20")
 Min. outer dia.  150mm (6")
 Max. lining dia.  420mm (16 1/2")
 Min. lining dia.  54mm (2 1/8")
 Max. hub dia.  290mm (11 1/2")
 Min. hub dia.  50mm (2")
 Max. height  306mm (12")